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Sea and Beach

Enjoy the pristine turquoise water and the golden sands of the beaches in the area - relax on the Formia city beach or go to Scauri to our friends from Lido di Busola or perhaps venture more north to Gaeta or Sperlonga. Anyway, even the ancient Odysseus stopped here for a break, hence the name of Riviera di Ulisse

How about a boat trip to the islands of Ponza or Ventotene?


After a relaxing day on the beach, why not climb up to the statue of Cristo Redentore? If you feel more adventurous, explore the whole area of the Aurunci Mountains regional park. If these mountains are not tall enough, you can hike in the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise, which is about an hour by car. There you can enjoy altitudes of over 2000 metres and even see a bear!

Via Appia/Francigena

Explore the area along one of the most important Roman roads (The Appian Way) or walk a few segments of a famous pilgrimage route running from Canterbury (England) to Rome and further down to Puglia - stretches 09 and 10 of the famous Via Francigena.


Have you ever tried real, locally made mozzarella? How about home made spaghetti con le vongole/cozze? La parmigiana di melanzane? Risotto alla pescatora? Pizza? 

The list could go on for pages. Want to try real home made cooking? Just book a meal with the family and enjoy the authentic experience!

The real Italian Holiday

Are you tired of cities full of foreign tourists and would like to experience something more authentic? Come to Formia and spend your holiday with us. 

Add a language course to your package

As we are experienced language teachers, why not take the opportunity of practising your English or Italian skills with us while you are on holiday here? Add a couple of hours of language training to your holiday package and impress your friends back home not only by your photos but also by your improved English/Italian. We can design a course specifically for you - have a look at our course offer below. 

Italian Courses

Have you just moved to Italy and need to learn quickly to survive? Do you love coming to Italy on holiday? Or perhaps you need to communicate with your partner's Italian family! We can help you!

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English Courses

Have you got an exam to take (Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, Trinity) because you'll be moving or studying abroad? Maybe you get stressed when you have to speak in English? Or you need specialist business or teaching methodology skills? Read more!

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Learn Italian or English by the sea

Why should I learn Italian or English?

Italian is the language of love and music and English is the language of the whole planet! Many people wand to improve their language skills but never find the right time because of their busy lives. How about learning a language while on holiday?

Learning a language on holiday? Are you crazy?

When you are on holiday, you are less stressed. As a result, you are less tired and can focus better. This is the perfect reason to improve your Italian or English language skills with us. Forget boring lessons in the classroom - with us, you will learn the language in an interactive way and in real situations. You will even forget you are having a lesson! 

Do you need to improve your small talk? Have lunch with us and chat just about anything.

Do you want to practise your presentation skills? Give a talk about your job/country and receive feedback on how to improve it. 

Are you struggling with listening comprehension? We guarantee loads of listening practice!

Will I have time to just switch off and relax?

Of course! You can have your Italian or English lesson in the morning while enjoying your breakfast and then have the rest of the day for yourself. Or we can go on a trip together and you'll have a lesson all day while in a full holiday mode.

You don't want any lessons and will make your own programme? Fine! We don't need to see you apart from the check-in and check-out. And when you tell us that you're coming back again soon, of course!


We are not the only ones. We are not the best ones in the world. We will do anything we can, however, to be the only ones for you and to give you the best services that you deserve.

Top Quality Learning

We assess your level and choose quality learning materials for you. We provide you with online homework activities to help you become an independent learner. Try some fun online practice activities right now! 

Learn from Anywhere

Our synchronous online lessons feel like being in the classroom - improve all your skills and have fun. Join our students from the UK, Spain, Turkey, Latvia, Peru, Italy, Greece, or the Czech Republic!


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