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about us
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Hello! Ciao!

Welcome to Crunch Languages. We are Maria and Prem and we offer online English and Italian courses for all learners as well as holiday English and Italian courses here on the Riviera di Ulisse in Italy.

Both of us are are excited to see you here. Our dedication is to offering high quality English and Italian lessons. We are qualified and experienced teachers and now work together to share our passion for languages and culture with our students.

Go through our offer of English and Italian courses and also check out our online practice section for free interactive games and activities. Additionally, you can find e-learning courses (in development) in the e-learning section.

Hope to see you online or in Formia on the Riviera di Ulisse.

Happy learning!

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Maria & Prem


"You can never understand one language until you understand at least two." 

– Geoffrey Willans

Top Quality Learning

First we assess your level and analyse your needs. Then we choose quality learning materials and also provide you with online homework activities to help you become an independent learner. Try some fun online practice activities right now! 

Online but face-to-face

Our synchronous online lessons feel like being in the classroom - improve all your skills and have fun. Join our students from the UK, Spain, Turkey, Latvia, Peru, Italy, Greece, or the Czech Republic!


7500+ hours taught

820+ happy students


Language is for communication.

 We don't ask our friends Do you know the grammar of any foreign languages? or Can you write Italian? No, that would sound very strange. Instead, we ask Do you speak English (Italian, Czech, etc.)? Even though all skills are important, we believe that language is for communication and this needs to be active. Therefore, to be able to say I speak three languages, you really need to speak. And that's what you will do in your lessons with Crunch Languages.

We believe in the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach. This is how we were trained and, after years of experience of being language teachers, teacher trainers and also language students, we see that it works. Communicative Language Teaching, however, doesn't mean that you will only speak. In our lessons, you will cover all the other aspects of successful language learning (the other three skills - listening, reading, writing - and grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and functional language). 

So what are the basic principles of successful language learning that we have in mind when preparing your lessons?

  • You learn best when you are engaged in meaningful communication and
  • this communication relates to your real life.
  • Communication is a holistic process and not a simple repetition of phrases.
  • You remember new language better when you are actively involved in discovering the rules (inductive learning) and
  • when you analyze and reflect on the use of language.
  • Also, language learning is a gradual process that involves trial and error.
  • The (online) classroom is a community when we learn from each other and 
  • the teacher is mostly a facilitator who provides learning opportunities.

    We are here to help you.

    Crunch Languages Prem teaching
    Prem Sourek

    I'll help you with your English. I love teaching children as well as helping students pass their English exams. I also train other teachers!

    Online Italian lesson - Crunch Languages
    Maria Lombardi

    I'll guide you on your journey of discovering the Italian language and culture. I can also teach you to cook some Italian dishes!

    OUR LOGo and name

    What does our logo mean?

    There are two main elements in our logo: an apple and a worm. Why these two, you may ask? 

    Do a quick Google search for symbols of education and you will see many pictures of an apple - the apple symbolises knowledge and education

    And the worm? The worm is "crunching" the apple and while eating the apple, it's gaining the knowledge symbolised by the apple.

    And why are we called Crunch Languages? It's simple. 

    "crunch" - /krʌntʃ/ - verb; to crush hard food loudly between the teeth = the sound you make when eating an apple;

    "crunch numbers" - to do mathematical work involving large amounts of information or numbers;

    "crunch languages" - to do language work involving a lot of information or words and also evoke the sound of eating an apple.


    The logo was designed by Richard from cargo_design. If you're looking for excellent graphic design based on plenty of know-how, a reputation for quality and at a good price, make sure to contact him



    Watch our videos about travelling, Italian culture and learning Italian and English.